Sunday, November 2, 2008

Ideology as "lived relations"

From Terry Eagleton's Ideology:

"No radical who takes a cool look at the tenacity and pervasiveness of dominant ideologies could possibly feel sanguine about what would be necessary to loosen their lethal grip. But there is one place above all where such forms of consciousness may be transformed almost literally overnight, and that is in active political struggle. This is not a Left piety but an empirical fact. When men and women, engaged in quite modest, local forms of political resistance, find themselves brought by the inner momentum of such conflicts into direct confrontation with the power of the state, it is possible that their political consciousness may be definitively, irreversibly altered."

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Kelly Nielsen said...

Having just read a bunch of Tocqueville, this is a seeming inversion of the Tocquevilleian notion of freedom through local political action. Rather than building up the government through free political action, however, Eagleton turns this idea against the state itself, which has become a despotic force. The implication of reading this as Tocquevilleian, though, is that every one of us must resist if we are to be free!

Thanks for the post.

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