Saturday, November 8, 2008

Rewards for corporate irresponsibility

Decades of economic (and environmental) irresponsibility and failure to look to a future where gasoline might not be affordable have helped along the collapse of the auto industry in the US, GM in particular. While making offensive and grossly decadent vehicles for the consumption of the American market (morbidly obese vehicles such as Hummers), they were not ready for a market that would turn on them. And now they want the government to pay for their irresponsibility. They (the auto corporations) don't want to be regulated by the government, but they want to be paid by them. This is all so incredibly abhorrent and absurd. Where would the money really go? They say it is about the workers, but it seems more about the bottomline for the bigs on top.

In 1979 when the government loaned money to Chrysler, it brought about the creation of SUVs and mini-vans. Let's hope this time would not be about dressing up old styles with 30 mpg, re-tooling to make "efficient" SUVs and vans, but about creating a new generation of vehicles that will truly have a low-impact on the environment.

You can read about it the proposed auto bailout in the Washington Post.

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